Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Brand new hire fleet!

  This year we have decided not to follow the trend with hire boards. Most of the surf shops will be hiring the same old boards; NSP, Surf Series, Bic etc. We however have chosen to provide our customers with something a little more tempting. We are still offering all of the above but also, a large number of custom Epoxy surfboards. They have been made to our specification in the classic sizes, 7'3, 7'6. 7,10, 8'6, 9'2. 

The boards are still yet to reach the UK but we hope to have them by easter. We also have a couple of surprises that we don't want to reveal just yet, but take it from me, the Pink Shop is the place to hire this summer!

7'6 Bamboo


Just a few pictures there as it's a pain trying to arrange them nicely. The Bamboo ones are looking especially nice! 

We are The Little Pink Shop and we are improving all the time!


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