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Seasick Steve (GoldCoast)

16th 17th 18th June 2011

For those of you who are not yet aware, Seasick Steve will be headlining GoldCoast this year! The man is a genius at playing his homemade instruments including a Morris Minor Guitar, A One Stringed Diddley Bow and a Mississippi Drum Machine. Many people enjoyed his interview on Top Gear a while ago but can still be seen on Dave every now and then.

Tickets for weekend entry are £25.00 if you buy online and if you ask me thats well worth it just to see him perform!

He will be headlining the Saturday Night. (18th June 2011)

25 other acts will also perform over the weekend both local and International.

Naturally we, The Little Pink Shop will be open the entire weekend for all your surfing needs! Be it Hire, a replacement leash, a warmer wetsuit or advice about the surrounding beach breaks. Feel free to pop in for a chat or to listen to our extensive Soca and Reggae CD's ;) (Courtesy of Steve) It's going to be a fab weekend! Let's hope the surf is good too!!!

Brand New Cortez! 2011

Buy Online Here




New 2011 Model using Clear Epoxy... looks as beautiful as a traditional glassfibre board but with the added strength of Epoxy.

You really have to see these boards to fully appreciate how beautiful they are, we photographed them on a sunny day which was a nightmare with reflections and colour imbalances.. hopefully we will get better pictures up in the near future.

Full Volume Epoxy Surfboard with EPS core makes this a nice easy board to surf. It features good float with a generous plan shape and soft forgiving rails.

  • Thruster 3 fin set-up (fins included)
  • New Clear Epoxy Construction (hand made)
  • Wood Veneer Effect
  • Free Topcoat and Basecoat Wax
  • Free Boardbag
  • Free Fins and Fin Key
  • Free Leash
  • Free Mainland UK Delivery

We have many different patterns for each size so feel free to call us on 07805 638699 to see whats available!

05/03/11 surf pix (or lack of)

The camera is broken so a just got 2 pictures this morning. To be honest I didn't have any surf to photograph anyway :(

Try Croyde on the pushing tide. It might just make it to a rideable size. Our fingers are crossed!

Still, on the bright side, The sun is out again and croyde is nice and quite for the time being.

Check back soon for updates.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Attention Ship Mates!

Arrr, this summer we need hard workin' staff t' get stuck in sellin' quality wetsuits and surf boards. They must be friendly, chatty and confident.

This ain't no office job, argh!

Winter Suits Available 2011 At The Little Pink Shop

Yes the sun is out and the days are getting longer at last. Unfortunately the sea temperature is at it's coldest! Around 7 or 8 Degrees to be precise.

So if your after that extra special winter suit we have a huge range!

Pictured below is the 2011 session.


The new 2010/11 model maximises this flexibility by incorporating C-Skins new Enigma Zip System. The Session now also features a Tri-Laminate Airloc chest panel lined with C-Skins Bamboo FireCore Polypro, the warmest, Eco-Friendly Polypro on the market.

Ultra light Tri-ply neoprene maintains warmth though conduction (like a thermos flask/double glazing)

All-in-All, a totally amazing Wetsuit! (Visually great too)

If it's a front zip your after then take a look at the Wired 2011

The Fantastic C-Skins Wired Series 2 Wetsuit is now available in kids sizes!

The Wired Series 2 is a firm favourite amongst C-Skins Team Riders. Revisions for the latest 2010/11 version include a NEW full length Airloc Chest Panel, Quick Dry Polypro lining and an improved Front Zip System.

Advanced Technical materials in the Chest, Back and Thigh panels means that getting into a wet wetsuit is a thing of the past. Quick Dry PolyPro retains all the thermal properties of C-Skins Fire Core PolyPro however is drip dried in 20 minutes!

Airloc Ultrastretch Neoprene-Ultra light, Tri-ply neoprene maintains warmth through conduction.. similar principle to a thermos flask or double glazing.

Then for those of you who have to have the latest top spec suit (this is me included)

The Wired Airloc 2011

  • LQS Double welded sealed seams – 200% externally sealed watertight seams – No flush
  • Glued and Blindstitched construction with 200% Liquid Taped Waterproof Welded Seams
  • Airloc Ultra Stretch Neoprene throughout the torso and lower body. Ultra light Tri-ply neoprene maintains warmth though conduction (like a thermos flask/double glazing)
  • C-Flex Ultra Stretch Neoprene- lightweight and with low water retension properties used on the under and upper arm panels
  • Quick Dry Polypro Thermal interior lining.. Drip Dry in 20 minutes!
  • Lock Down wrist seals – for a secure seal (1/3 comfort size reduction)
  • Minimum Panel Construction, less seams = more stretch
  • LQS Ankle Cuff Seals
  • Super seal glideskin single seam collar
  • Pre bent elbow and knee areas
  • Revised DFZ Front Mini-Zip with Adjustable Bungee Cinch
  • Lock Down Cuffs.. reduces cuff width by 1/3 for a secure seal
  • Dura tex knee pad ergonomically designed
  • Minimal panels for more stretch and greater freedom
  • External key pocket with drain hole

04/03/11 Surf update

Absolutely beautiful day but sadly the surf has pretty much disappeared.

A longboarder's wave can be found near the rocks at Saunton. 

Check back tomorrow for another update.

Saunton 04/03/11

Quick pic of Saunton on our way to work. More to follow later! Hopefully a video or two as well.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Gold coast surf museum.

Taking pictures was forbidden so uhhh... This is all in your imagination!

All new Cortez for 2011

Believe it or not, this board is actually made from Epoxy! You could be holding this board in your very hands and you would swear it were fibreglass!

So now for the first time ever, you have a board with a fibreglass appearance, but with the durability of a strong epoxy!

The board pictured here is only one of many designs. All wooden effect! We have Bamboo, Mahogany, Pine and golden pine. Each one as pleasing to the eye as the next.

These board will be available to buy from in the next few hours. I will post a link straight to it as soon as it's up!

Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment.


Saunton 3rd march 2011

Video shot from iphone on Saunton Cliffs 03/03/11


Surf update 03/03/11

It's only our second surf update and we are already receiving a positive response! Today the sun is shining again and the surf, though small, is clean and beautiful! Saunton is hosting the perfect long boarders wave whilst Croyde is just big enough on sets for a shorter board. 

The Pink Shop will be open this weekend for all your surf hire needs. Hopefully the sun will still be shining. :)

Check back soon for our next update

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

One more picture for today!

4pm 02/03/11 Croyde Pix

Offshore winds, sun shinning, few people, perfect!

This is the first set of pictures to be uploaded to our new blog and what a day to start!

The Pink Shop is going through so many changes at the moment and it's all very exciting. We have a few surprises to be announced soon too.

Check back soon for the latest pictures of Croyde, Saunton and Puts.


Robin in the shop

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Watch this space for tomorrows surf pix!

Things are finally working! This is very exciting. I will endeavour to have tomorrows surf pictures on here ASAP!

Our New Blog

So, here we are. The Pink Shop is branching out and attempting to keep up with all things "Online" You can now join our facebook group by searching for us in the facebook search bar. You can follow us on twitter, or you can keep an eye on this blog. We would obviously appreciate all three.

In the near future we will be starting to upload daily pictures, videos and news. Also new products, latest deals and the surf conditions.

As many of you will know, since the year 1998 we have been taking pictures of the surf and uploading them to we still do this today. When the surf is firing you can be sure we will have fresh pictures up!

We look forward to seeing you back here soon. Be sure to leave any comments.

Visit our online shop


C-Skins Legend Mens Wetsuit Blindstitched 3/2mm 2011: from the little pink shop Croyde bay

C-Skins Legend Mens Wetsuit Blindstitched 3/2mm 2011: from the little pink shop Croyde bay

We are expecting this one to fly off the shelves! Just arrived so be the first!

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