Saturday, 12 March 2011

Pictures on the way home from work :)

Croyde Surf This Morning! It's lookin good! 12/03/11

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Friday, 11 March 2011

11/03/11 Pictures of croyde and Puts.

Fairly clean but small over at Puts. Great for beginners through to intermediate surfers. 

We are open for hire today and over the weekend!

Quality of pics not great but there we go. ENJOY! :)

Thursday, 10 March 2011

second hand board for sale

7'4 Gun Shaped in Australia. 

Click here to view in Ebay.

Puts pix this morning

Puts is looking much more manageable.  2 two guys out this morning and more arriving slowly. 

Croyde and Saunton 10/03/11

It's all looking a bit gloomy today. Surf is around 2ft-3ft Onshore winds. PUTS is looking cleaner as it's more sheltered. I will get some pix up as soon as I have them :)

Hope your all having a good morning?

Pictures of Puts to follow!

Let us know what your all up to today. 

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Brand new hire fleet!

  This year we have decided not to follow the trend with hire boards. Most of the surf shops will be hiring the same old boards; NSP, Surf Series, Bic etc. We however have chosen to provide our customers with something a little more tempting. We are still offering all of the above but also, a large number of custom Epoxy surfboards. They have been made to our specification in the classic sizes, 7'3, 7'6. 7,10, 8'6, 9'2. 

The boards are still yet to reach the UK but we hope to have them by easter. We also have a couple of surprises that we don't want to reveal just yet, but take it from me, the Pink Shop is the place to hire this summer!

7'6 Bamboo


Just a few pictures there as it's a pain trying to arrange them nicely. The Bamboo ones are looking especially nice! 

We are The Little Pink Shop and we are improving all the time!


2011 Wired Series 2. Check this!

  • Perfect for the spring. 

    The Session is a top-spec traditional steamer style high performance wetsuit from C-Skins. If you are serious about your surfing and you want the ease of wearing a classic back-zip wetsuit combined with the latest technology providing the ultimate in warmth and freedom of movement, then this suit has been made for you!
  • The new 2010/11 model maximises this flexibility by incorporating C-Skins new Enigma Zip System. The Session now also features a Tri-Laminate Airloc chest panel lined with C-Skins Bamboo FireCore Polypro, the warmest, Eco-Friendly Polypro on the market.
  • Ultra light Tri-ply neoprene maintains warmth though conduction (like a thermos flask/double glazing)
  • All-in-All, a totally amazing Wetsuit!

  •  LQS Liquid seam technology – 100% externally sealed watertight seams – No flush
  • 100% use of Ultra stretch C-FLEX neoprene – lightweight and low water retention properties through entire suit
  • Glued and Blindstitched construction with 100% Liquid Taped Waterproof Seams
  • Airloc Ultra Stretch Neoprene Chest panel. Ultra light Tri-ply neoprene maintains warmth though conduction (like a thermos flask/double glazing)
  • Bamboo Fire Core Polypro Thermal interior chest and back panel – draws water away from body
  • Closeout system – back zip seal and barrier – internal to suit
  • LQS wrist and cuff seals – for a secure seal
  • Super seal glideskin fully adjustable wrap around collar
  •  Pre bent elbow and knee areas
  • Enigma Zip System ()YKK Zip 2mm fitted to complete suit for maximum flexibility
  • Lock Down Cuffs.. reduces cuff width by 1/3 for a secure seal
  • Dura tex knee pad ergonomically designed
  • Minimal panels for more stretch and greater freedom
  • External key pocket with drain hole

5mm C-Flex Ultra Stretch Neoprene Lower Body
4mm  C-Flex Ultra Stretch Neoprene with Bamboo PolyPro lining Back Panel
1.5mm C-Flex Ultra Stretch Neoprene Enigma Zip Panel
Dura Tex Knee Pads 

Mens sizes –S, MS, M, MT, ML, L, XL.

Surf at Croyde this morning



Couple of foot of onshore surf this morning. One guy out. Two pics taken from the White sheep side of the bay and one pic taken from the Black sheep side!

Saunton Sands

Testing a cross post.

A Photo by Richard Mackney

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Testing connections between facebook twitter youtube blogger etc

Croyde and Puts 3.30pm 08/03/11

3.30pm. Just took a drive around Croyde.

Well it's been around 3 days now of sun with no surf. Things have to change soon! As soon as they do will be getting some much more interesting photos up!

Puts is looking stunning as always but still no surf!!
Croyde Bay

Are any of you heading down over the weekend? I'm pretty sure we should have some surf by then!

The famous "corner" shot.
Looking out from the top of Puts towards Woolacombe.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Picture Postcard Croyde this morning.. No surf, No people but a lovely day!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Croyde Bay 10.30am Sun 20th Feb 2011

Just to remind you all how good Croyde can be! I hope it picks up again soon! I NEED a surf!

I want to make this page a group effort! If you have any good pix or videos then send them my way and i will upload them for you with your name etc.

Lot's of wax!

Just pictured a small amount of our lovely wax display. It's like wax city in here at the moment. £2.00 a block. Please take some off us so we we breath again behind the counter!
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