Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Surf Report Wed 5th Oct 2011

Trapped in the shop today with no staff so sorry no pix. Coming up to high tide at Puts with a reasonably sheltered couple of foot. Croyde messy with the southwesterly wind. Still trying to dry all the hire suits from last weekend.. need some sun!

Monday, 3 October 2011

Sun Oct 2nd 2011 Star Wars Surf Session

The sea at Croyde this weekend was something like the Intergalactic Bar Scene from Star Wars. The sun and surf brought out the most culturally diverse mix of people we've ever seen rent a board and hit the waves.. We had Indians, Isrealites, S.Africans, Aussies, Kiwis, Grecians, Malasians and even a group of Buddists complete with their own Monk... and that's just the nationalities we know about. No Wookies but apparently they don't need wetsuits as their fur keeps them warm by trapping a layer of air, even when wet.

With Sam in France (last heard of in Lacanau) and all our other (ex)staff gone back to Uni we had probably the busiest day of the year... with the least staff! Just me and me olde pirate matey Cap'n Tom Morgan.. For those that came... Sorry if you had to wait a bit to get served but at least you didn't get keel-hauled or your throat cut although Cap'n Tom (him being a lonnng-boarder an' all) did try and make most people walk the plank! It's not all over though.. we are open (at least weekends) all year round.

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