Tuesday, 18 June 2013

25th Fathers day, 25th year of The Little Pink Shop and a 25 year old Son proud of his Dad.

The Little Pink Shop is about to undergo yet another change to keep us up there with the best of them. It's times like this we look back at where it all began. To know your future is to know your past.

 I had written here a paragraph of very soppy memory lane type words but I feel the pictures below say it better then i can. I'll just say this...  I'm a proud Son and in the words of Steve Thomas. We will prevail!

Below. The legend that is Michael Baker. 

Below. Dad's love of VW's of all types lended itself well to the world of surfing. Theres just something about a Beetle with a surfboard in the roof...

Also very apparent in the old style shop was Dad's love of the Caribbean. Below are some very apt shots. The shack with board resting against it says it all... 

A few people will know this spot 

Not so many will know this one

I'm getting itchy feet looking at these...

This is just after the shop re-build. Still heavily influenced by VW's and the Caribbean Pink!

Below is my mother back in the day. Selling VW mugs that the fam still drink out of today! Quality bone china don't you know!! 

Here she is again looking like a right Hippy! ;)

The Little Pink Shop 1987 - present day and a whole lot further. Watch this space! 

Monday, 17 June 2013

Mon 17th June 2013 9am - Oceanfest Build up

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